Central Penn Youth Announces Coaches at 6/8u, 10u & 12u

Central Penn is please to announce Kenny Sipe, Ed Mirigliano, and Dave Haines as head coaches of youth teams, and Garrett Baldacci will assist the younger goaltenders along with Joel Eisenhower. As announced earlier this week Travis Acker will be joining the club as a skills coach.

Sipe will be heading up the 8u coaches. This will be his second year coaching the mite/tykes at Central Penn. Along with coaching Kenny is currently play in two adult leagues and a travel tournament team. Sipe says, “My goal is to share my love of the sport with the kids, make it fun and help them learn the foundation and skills needed to be successful throughout their hockey experience”. Additionally, Kenny has played hockey most of his life and is a Central Penn Panther alum.

Mirigliano has been coaching youth hockey for over 5 years and comes to us from with extensive coaching experience; includes soccer which he has coached at the youth level for the past 10 seasons, leading his team to numerous season and tournament championships. Ed puts a heavy focus on player development using the ADM and USA hockey as a guiding force. His belief in USA hockey scientifically backed skills and drills training in smaller areas that will develop players “the right way” by giving them not only more touches with the puck but more time “actively involved” with the practice. While he believes skills and drills are extremely important in a young players development. He also believes that small area games are integral in developing their creativity as a player. That’s why along with structured practice time twice a week, his players are encouraged and joined by him in participating the open public hockey and youth hockey times afforded by the rink. You will not find a more dedicated coach to player development who ensures that his players receive the maximum amount of ice time.

Haines has been coaching with Central Penn for over 5 years as well, and at various age groups. Dave is a firm believer in the USA Hockey’s ADM and LTAD. His coaching experience spans from 8u through High School. He’s a level 4 coach and still plays in various leagues and tournaments.

Baldacci has signed on to help mentor, implement and support Eisenhower’s goaltender training for the younger age groups. Garrett is a Central Penn Goalie alum, and currently enrolled at Millersville University were he plans to continue his playing career.

Garrett Shultz will also be taking an active roll with the younger ages as an added skills coach. When asked about his commitment to the program Shultz said, “It’s simple, everyone here really wants to see the program continue to grow, and I want to help with that as much as possible”.

Evaluations for the 6/8, 10 and 12 teams at Central Penn will take place in later this month. 

6 & 8u (tyke & mite)
March 28: 7:00 – 8:00p & March 31: 11:45 – 12:45p

10u (squirt)
March 26: 7:00 – 8:00p & March 29: 7:30 – 8:30p

12u (peewee)
March 27: 7:30 – 8:30p & March 29: 7:30 – 8:30p

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