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A Tradition Of Hockey Development And Excellence

Ice Hockey Club Organization

Owner: Raymond Ferry
President / General Manager: Wil Younger
Organization Manager: Rebecca Sipe
Treasurer: Karen Fund

Bob Rishell, Wil Younger, Eric Lowry, John Zelko, Jacob Friedman, Ed Mirigliano, John Michener, Chris Carlance, Bill Giblin, Jake Szobocsan, Tony Morrell, Brendan Rogers, Steve Stack, Freddy Jean, T.J. Plaugher, Jared Montgomery, Danny Stoltzfus, Geoff Brandt, Justin Raysor, Jim Hogan, Justin Booth

Skill Coaches: Raymond Ferry, Josh McCoy, Tom Garman, John Frick, Cooper Younger, Max Aukamp

Goalie Coach: The Goalie DR

We are an ADM-modeled club. To learn more about the ADM, please vistit ».

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