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A Tradition Of Hockey Development And Excellence

The New Face of Lancaster Youth Ice Hockey.

It is fun, it’s safe, inexpensive, allows time for kids to be kids. Unlike traditional programs, the Central Penn Panthers organization allows families to have time for other activities away from the rink. Our comprehensive program stresses the important aspects of child development, focusing on skill development, with the goal to help your son or daughter to become a well-rounded kid.

Our Top 10 Goals are as follows

  1. Be fun: to encourage a lifetime passion for the game.
  2. Be safe: a program that provides a physical and emotionally safe environment for our participants, parents, coaches and administrators.
  3. Be developmental: a program that encourages athletic development in and outside of ice hockey.
  4. Be focused on skill development rather than winning records.
  5. Be time and cost aware: strive to localize participation, while maximizing ice usage and player involvement.
  6. Be on the cutting edge of age appropriate training; to maximize A players potential achievements following the USA Hockey American Development Model (ADM).
  7. Be challenging: To promote success through hard work and competition in an environment that allows for creativity by trial and error.
  8. Be rewarding to all player levels of achievement, not just the elite.
  9. Be willing to make changes to improve the program.
  10. Be an inclusive program for players, parents, coaches and administrators.
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